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So much happening in route to Mexico

After some slaving, we finished another update to our guidebook (Part 1) with some serious updates including new city maps and more information for those of you who are never satisfied. Go update your copy today. www.sailsarana.com/guide/Login.php

We had a great time in Corinto thanks to Ivan and his staff. They watched our boat while we toured the forests, volcanos and cities of Northern Nicaragua. Corinto is a great place to stop in northern Nicaragua and much cheaper and centrally located than Marina Puesta del Sol. Anyway, we had planned to post some photos of all the cool things there during our 3 week say, but you lose. Perhaps we'll get some posted when we get to mexico.

Yes, Mexico. That's where we are headed to right now at this very moment. However there is a nasty 1.0-1.5 knot current that has been slowing us down for 30 hours now. We also have had headwinds and some sloppy seas. However I can't complain now because the last 8 hours have been favorable (except the current) and I have high hopes that tonight things will stay mellow.

Right now we are off El Salvador, where we avoided stopping because it would probably add a week or two to our schedule...too bad too because it's a great place. Anyway only about 44 hours more to go.... Lots of turtles and dolphins out here today with deep blue water.

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