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Posted on Wednesday Apr 25, 2007

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After another boisterous lightening show we sucked it up and headed out. There was a constant boom of thunder and gloomy clouds all around as we departed Gulfo de Fonseca. The weather forecasts was all messed up. Four different models all told us different stories. Typically as the rainy season approaches there are more southerly winds and that would suck. With the forecasts so divergent, yet showing light winds, we decided to just give it a try and see what was out there.

And unlike previous forecasts showing only light winds, this one proved true. In fact we had to motor the entire 50 miles to Puesta del Sol because there was no wind over 4-5 knots. A little frustrating, but better than a nasty headwind.

So we worked our way through the entrance, which was missing several key buoys due to maintenance and grabbed one of four buoys. Once again we took the cheap seats, or maybe I should say cheaper seats as they aren't exactly free.

The facility here is first class. Two pools, amazingly beautiful beaches and mangroves are breath-taking. Of course there's a bill to pay for staying in a paradise like Puesta del Sol, but for now we're trying to remain in denial.

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