“Where did the dinghy go?”

Sarana is the name of our stout little sailboat.

Sarana is an old Pacific Seacraft, Mariah 31, built in 1977. The name Sarana is a Russian word for the Chocolate Lilly that grows mostly in the Aleutian Islands and other cold climates. The previous owners came up with the name, but we liked it enough to keep it.

The hull is #4 from a model of boats called the Mariah 31. The length overall is 36 feet, the deck is 31 feet with a fat 10 foot 8 inch waist. Sarana is a heavy boat by today's standards, weighing in at 10 tons (fully loaded, including the cats). Her actual designed displacement is 8 tons (without the cats). This means our boat is hauling around 2 tons of gear, food, fuel and water, but we haven't noticed a difference in the sailing performance since we moved all this stuff on board.

Sarana Sailing Fast

We have spent a lot of time and effort upgrading Sarana and making the boat comfortable, safe and fast. The list of modifications are too numerous to mention but some of the best things that have improved life onboard can be found in our FAQ.

Our Mariah's interior is a little different from the drawing; the port settee's back folds up into a single bunk with a double berth underneath. Normally the settee back is down making both the port and starboard sides look the same with single bunks.

Want more information? Try joining the Yahoo Mariah 31 Group. You can find a cool 1978 Mariah review in the file section.

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Mariah 31 Logo     Anchored off Stuart Island

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