“Huh. I didn't know water spouts can be so massive. I'm sure it will miss us.”

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Puerto Angel

Posted on Tuesday Jan 23, 2007

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We managed to make the 37 mile leg to Puerto Angel (AHN-hel). It is a very pretty little bay and village, but not a spectacular anchorage. Hopefully we can find a place where we can get water and some veggies.

On the way here we saw turtles everywhere. They were swimming, mating and being tossed in the air like toys by dolphins. Pretty standard. We were minding our own business when to LARGE humpback whales surfaced 3 feet from the boat. A momma and her baby were so close they could have easily smacked our boat. In fact, Sherrell was already planning our survival escape after they sunk our boat. Because sometimes whales will agressively attack and sink boats, it's rare, but in the wild who knows what they are thinking. And a mother with a calf...well, it was enough to stop Sherrell's heart. Fortunately they went their own way because even the baby calf was almost as big as our boat.

Well, at least we survived another savage day at sea.

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