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Posted on Sunday Jan 13, 2008

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The rush to get Sherrell ready for Seattle winter is underway. We've unpacked her winter clothes and she's been mentally preparing herself. I don't envy her, we get cold when the temps drop below 75.

The good thing is this little Yacht Club will be a good spot for me to work on the boat and wait for her return. There's even a pool here. The area where the boats are moored is very shallow though and it makes for an interesting site at low tide as many boats are on the bottom and tipping over. I'll upload a picture soon.

I couldn't resist posting some photos from my Mast Monkey though, so here she is performing her death defying tricks in a rare calm anchorage and a non-windy day.

And she took a photo of me waving up at her. What a nice looking boat, but who is the ugly guy behind the flag?