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Hard to bathe with the Navy Watching

Posted on Wednesday Jan 24, 2007

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For some strange reason historic traditions allows governments sovereignty at all times over boats in just about every country in the world. Who cares if it is your home and you happen to be hidden in the cockpit naked trying to wash off three days worth of salt before having a nice dinner at 6 pm at night? Well the Navy and the Port Captain didn't seem to think twice when they motored up to our boat. I think they might have been a bit surprised though when I jumped up in a towel all wet and dashed down below as they started to board our boat. Surprised enough that the Navy decided to forgo the inspection, but the Port Captain boarded and was all business. He stepped around the shampoo bottles, over the bucket and plopped down with his papers. He sat there with his shoes resting in a shallow puddle of soapy water while I was dressing down below and Sherrell was scrambling to move things out of his way. And of course Jordan pushed her way into the cockpit to see what was going on.

Sometimes boats buzz in and out of ports quickly to try to avoid checking in. So they were going to make sure they got us before we tried to take off in the morning. Since we told him we planned to stay a few days and we'd come by his office he just took copies of our paper work and said he would prepare the documents ahead of time for us. He was also relieved we could communicate completely in Spanish and told us it was a pleasure. He didn't seem phased that my hair was all wet and in a messy knot.

Well, at any rate, their visit to Sarana probably provided some stories back in the village last night. I wonder if they'll rush out to board the next boat that anchors here....

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